Kiwi Post Driver

Kiwi Post Driver The Kiwi Post Driver was developed to serve high volume users, such as fencing contractors, municipalities, do-it-yourself ranchers and farmers, or anyone who wants the finest piece of equipment capable of handling the most difficult jobs.

The Kiwi Post Driver will drive all types of wood or steel posts in nearly every soil condition and is available in various mounting options including skid steer, tractor or custom-truck mount.

Driving Angles
50 Degrees Left-Right
50 Degrees Forward-Back

Mounting Options
Skid Steer, Self-contained (tractor or skid steer), Tractor or Truck

Driver Specifications
Impact 120,000 lbs.
Unit weight 1200- 2650 lbs.
Hydraulic recommendation: 15 GPM @ 1500 PSI
Patented safety arm
Drives up to 10ft tall x 8.75" diameter posts
(Optional tall beam drives posts up to 14ft tall)

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