Kiwi Skid Steer Post Driver
Kiwi Skid Steer Post Driver

Forward Back Tilt - Bucket Controlled
Side To Side Tilt - 50 Degrees
Unit Weight - 1600 lbs.
Drives posts up to 10 ft tall x 8.75" diameter
120,000lb impact

Equipment recommendations:
Minimum 50 HP
Wheel base of 38"
Operating lift capacity of 1650 lbs
(may require customized plumbing for dump line)

Kiwi Auger System
14 ft tall beam


The Kiwi Skid Steer post driver allows for greater utilization of one of the most versatile pieces of equipment a fence builder can use. The mount has a unique sideways pivot that adapts to the quick attach plate of that particular model, which permits a 50 degree tilt.

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